Julian Gearing


Hi, I’m Julian Gearing and I am an online entrepreneur, media trainer and award-winning journalist who is currently focused on helping creative and eager people leverage the internet for success.

If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for ways to use the internet to either build an online business, boost your career prospects, or amass an online following.

There has never been a better time to gain personal freedom by leveraging the internet as there are so many options, tools, training, and resources available.

But this mass of material presents a problem. It is easy to get overwhelmed.


I am on a mission to find out what really works online.

Currently, I am focused on writing a book on the secrets of what I term “Passion Players” – people who are pursuing their passion using the internet.

But I am also building and testing my own online business, part of a decade-long journey.

If you are building a business online, involved in affiliate marketing, or looking for the best ways to use the web for your career and life, stay tuned to my blog posts and training.


I’ve spent decades as a journalist, media trainer and speaker and am now using these skills to investigate what works in the online space.

I see too many of my colleagues and friends struggle in terms of work, income and security – a diverse array of people including writers, photographers, coaches, athletes, marketers, the list goes on.

The common theme is uncertainty – concern about job security, dropping payment rates for freelance work, and limited income from the work they are passionate about. Or they may be stuck in a dead-end job and looking for an avenue for escape.

These are difficult times but also exciting times – yet if you are building a presence online it is crucial to have guidance as to what works and what does not in the online space.


About nine years ago, I decided that I wanted to build an online business. Back then there weren’t quite as many internet marketing and business options as there are now.

My approach was learn, take action and get results, and then teach – the idea being to show there are options if you wish to build a business and gain freedom through income.

I went through a trial-and-error process of buying products and services, particularly in affiliate marketing and in high-ticket products to find out what worked. At the same time, I was building websites and using Facebook, building some success, including a fanpage for an activist environmental project that built to 56,000 Facebook followers. Not bad.

But what did not pan out so well was my initial foray into building an online business. The purchase of products and services plunged me into debt.

They say you learn from your mistakes. That was certainly the case.


I am an experienced award-winning reporter and managing editor. What this has meant in real terms is that I was not initially in tune with the marketing and sales push needed for success in selling products – my own products or affiliate products – online.

Journalists tend to be a skeptical bunch, right? And I was no exception. And although I had studied marketing and business studies at college way back, I was not naturally drawn to “promote and sell” products. My first impressions were that all this was “too salesy”.

My own personal online training involved changing my mindset to embrace marketing online. This took effort to build the mentality that selling people good products and providing them with value was laudable.

And this is where my having millionaire mentors has proved a game-changer.


The turning point for me as I’ve moved to build a business online and help clients leverage the internet for success has been working with millionaire mentors.

Apart from Misha Wilson, who provides mentorship and training through the Super Affiliate Network, I have invested in high-level training and mentorship from some of the other leaders in the field including Shaqir Hussyin, Desmond Ong, Jeff Walker and others.

I have found that I can transfer the lessons learnt from these successful online stars to my own online business.

More to the point, though, my outreach to clients and followers aims to provide clear avenues, programs and training for success – and sift out the products or programs that either do not work or are not worth spending time on.

In essence the aim is to take the best of what reputable millionaire mentors offer and use that to help my clients and followers.


Anybody who has been building a business online for any period of time will understand the problem of “overwhelm” and being bombarded by too many “shiny objects” – products and offers that promise the world but typically don’t deliver.

My mission through this website and my other platforms is to help people find what works and to attempt to keep it simple – to simplify the process so that even those who are not particularly tech-savvy can build a business online.

“Simple” does not mean that there is no work involved. But that work can be broken down into relatively simple steps – steps that could enable you to build a viable business online.


During my long career, I have worked as a reporter and in managing editorial roles, working on three contents – Europe, Asia and Africa. I have covered wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, working for newspapers, radio and TV, including assignments in the field for CBS TV News and BBC News. I have worked in a range of positions – as staff and as a freelancer. This career journey has involved a range of jobs – from the lowly up to the position of managing editor of an Asia-wide news agency. I’ve worked in both the commercial world and NGO world. I am a recipient of an Amnesty International-Hong Kong Press Association award for my reporting.

This journey has been a mix of passion, hard work, and inventiveness, a combination that shows that if you put your mind to something and put in the effort, anything is possible.


I’ve traveled extensively in four of the world’s seven continents using a variety of transport.

My adventures include cycling across the Sahara desert alone, a year walking most of the length of the Himalaya mountain range on the Trans-Himalayan Expedition, a journey on foot with a Tuareg camel caravan across the Tenere desert, and months at a time walking the mountains of the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan during wartime.

These expeditions and journeys were done before the era of satellite phones and GPS and 24/7 internet connectivity. Those who go on adventures today, including people like Ed Stafford, Roz Savage and Alastair Humphreys, benefit from social media contact with their followers.


My wife and I are both on an exciting journey that sees us working with a range of interesting people, including beginning to roll out media training and how to leverage the internet for disadvantaged communities and communities just beginning to come online.

We are in the early stages of this but the training includes communications, video production, and journalism. I have a great deal of experience working with various ethnic and tribal groups in Asia and Africa – and some outreach to indigenous groups in North America.